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Season 8, Episode 89: Guest: Donald Henig: Start Stupid

May 18, 2021 Jay Doran / Donald Henig Season 8 Episode 89
The Culture Matters Podcast
Season 8, Episode 89: Guest: Donald Henig: Start Stupid
Show Notes

This episode has an action packed almost three hours with one of the most versatile conversations so far!

Don Henig's primary career focus was in the mortgage and real estate industries. He was president and built the 6th largest wholesale mortgage lender in the nation and also built a direct-2-consumer platform to the 5th largest in the nation. In addition, Don built and sold his own mortgage banking entity and also helped grow a regional mortgage banker into a national platform in short order. Throughout Don's career, he was responsible for over $150 billion in mortgage financing.

Some additional highlights include:
- Bought and sold 300 fix & flips in an 18-month span (all for a profit).
- Created an entertainment company that created and produced the 27th longest running Broadway show of all-time, Rock of Ages and 8 feature length movies with the biggest names in Hollywood.
- Created Youth Soccer a physical soccer publication with 167K copies printed and distributed p/m. Sold to partners. Became the official paper for NYS Soccer.
- Created, built and sold a national mortgage broker franchise platform. 
- Don served as President of the NAMB and founded the NYAMB and was the first broker to serve on the Board of Governors of the MBA of America, as well as its Exec Comm.
- One tremendous experience was testifying before both the US House and US Senate on mortgage industry topics at the ripe old age of 30.
- Developed an app to help people buy, sell and lease properties in a unique manner. 

This episode is full of business knowledge, culture knowledge, and everyday information to set you up for success!